Thursday, March 8, 2018

Summer Learning Opportunities

Want to find ways to continue your child's learning this summer?  

This blog post is about connecting families to some valuable career education sites and Kirkwood’s Interactive Camps for Kids (Summer KICK Camps). 
KICK camps are exciting and educational summer camps for youth ages 8-15. KICK camps are designed around career exploration and provide fun, hands-on activities that promise to develop and build key skills for future success. No matter what career field you want to explore, KICK camps are sure to be an unforgettable adventure full of inspiring accomplishments and new friends!  
ACE is your chance to learn about careers within the wide ranging industries of Architecture, Construction and Engineering — and discover which one might be right for you.
The I Am IT website is currently sponsored by the Eastern Iowa IT Sector Board. The Eastern IT Sector Board is the gathering of IT community partners in the Kirkwood Community College Service area to help advance the IT discipline.

Please check out these sites (the active links are below the image) and resources to learn more about career options and summer learning opportunities.  Also, please share them with families of the students within your classrooms.

Links from the picture above:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The impact of things that are 1.5 smaller

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by people who help me be better today than I was yesterday.

They do this, in part, by encouraging me, laughing with me and additionally they help me think & reflect.

My husband, Todd, has encouraged me, laughed with me and reflected with me since we first met in elementary school.  

Today, when I got to work, he had shared an email with the caption “it will make you think” and this video was attached.

My initial reactions to this video are:
  • small steps can impact big results
  • never under estimate the power your small deeds may have
  • I have so much to continue to learn
  • sometimes all it takes to start a movement is something about 1.5 times smaller than we are

He’s right, again.  It made me think and I’d love to hear from others how it made you think.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Benton Community shares learning opportunities for 2018-19

As I think about the first time I heard "students need to develop 4-year plans", my youngest sister was in 8th grade.  She's now a 37 year old & mother of 2.  

That means I've been working with students on 4 year plans for almost 25 years.  That doesn't make me an expert -- but it gives me some perspectives to have conversations with students & parents.

As we think about how we inform students and parents of the changes we are making in our course offerings -- we are trying something new at Benton Community.  Each department that will be experiencing a change has created a video that outlines the changes in programming.  You can view the videos at this link.  

We also have a few other offerings not highlighted in videos.  Please contact Mr Cretin or Mrs. Nesbitt with any questions regarding any of these changes. One such offering is a Transportation Academy (detailed below) with Kirkwood Community College, Vinton-Shellsburg & Belle Plaine School Districts. 

AUT-104 | Introduction to Automotive Technology | 3 college credits
Provides the beginning apprentice technician with an introductory overview of
automotive servicing from a maintenance and replacement standpoint.
Emphasizes routine maintenance procedures in the care of tires, batteries,
lighting, belts, hoses, filters and cooling systems through classroom and
hands-on activities. Presents career information on career pathways,
employers, goal setting, skills inventory, student club information and personal
plan. Credits: 3 Hours; (2/2/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none;  Arts & Sciences
Elective Code: B

                         AUT-100 | Maintenance and Light Repair | 4 college credits                          
Provides knowledge of the skills necessary to successfully perform common
maintenance and light repair tasks in engine systems, automatic
transmission/transaxle, manual drive train and axles, suspension and
steering, brakes, electrical, and heating and air conditioning. Credits: 4,
Hours: (1/6/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences 
Elective Code:  B 

The following website: will continue to be updated with any other changes.  Please contact Mr Cretin or Mrs. Nesbitt with any questions regarding any of these opportunities.