Friday, June 1, 2018

Thank you

Bittersweet -- according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means:

"something that is bittersweetespecially pleasure accompanied by suffering..."

This is a word Todd and I have been using quite often recently. 

Benton Community has been home for both of us for many years - both as students and employees.  Our own three children have graduated from BC and now we are venturing on to our next chapter.

Since becoming an administrator, at the beginning of the school year I shared pictures of our family and pictures of our new staff to the entire District in some type of presentation.  So, it was fitting, on my last day with the entire staff, I shared my last pictures with them.  You can view the slide show linked here.  I played the Zac Brown band song "Roots" while the slide show was playing -- very fitting because our "roots" run deep here in BC.  

In my letter of resignation to Mr. Zittergruen I wrote:  

I appreciate the tremendous support and trust Benton Community and our educational partners have given me during my time as an employee of the District, both as a school counselor and administrator.  As I reflect on my professional journey here at BC, the thoughts rumbling around in my head as my biggest takeaways are the relationships, conversations and growth-producing experiences I have had the fortune to have.  

As a staff member I have had the awesome privilege of being involved in many district initiatives and to have served and worked collaboratively with patrons, students, staff, board members and administration for over 20 years.  The Benton Community District is truly an amazing place for staff and students to gain and build upon a quality education for a lifetime of learning.

I especially want to thank you, Doug Embray and Don Gibney for sharing your time and talents as you’ve mentored me over the years.  The consistency over the years of working with team members who are passionate and truly committed to doing the right things for the right reasons is something that I will continue to use in my leadership work.  I also want to thank other team members who have been incredible partners in this life-changing profession. One resignation letter does not have enough room to list all the people who have been role-models and supporters of me.

Being graduates of Benton, Todd and I feel very blessed our own three daughters were able to experience and learn with and from the “Bobcat Family”.   Although this has not been an easy decision for me personally, our family is excited for our next adventures and know the solid foundation I’ve been able to gain as a student, parent and staff member at BC will be something that will guide me for the rest of my life.

Life is full of opportunities and we are off to plant seeds to trees we many never sit under and continue our impact in Cedar Falls:)

Our grandchildren
Avery, Charly, Jack, Ben, Eisley

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week

There are many people who have inspired, shaped and mentored me over my life time and teachers are right at the top of the list.  For that, I am truly grateful!

Today, our @bentonartdept shared some of their talents and projects with the entire staff at the @BentonCSD MS/HS.

The note attached said....

You guys and gals are toooh-tally tubular!  The way that you are all helping us grown into strong, smart, and healthy adults is gnarly.  We will be so psyched for next year to see you nice, incredible, and amazing people again.  Is that how we use that lingo?

But seriously you gusy are amazing and the Art Club made these to appreciate the things you have done for us and for the next generations to come.  For the teachers, Thank You for teaching us how to grow.  For the Staff, thank you for keeping us safe whether its security, food, or cleanign the building.  You all did it.  Thank You..........WORD....

Benton Community
Art Club

Thanks Art Club -- I am also truly grateful for this special gift.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Teacher Shortage areas - help fill the gap:)

Spread the word -- you can obtain your teaching license within one year if you already have a 4 year degree.  

Check out the BOEE website to find out more.

Teacher Intern License -- Non-traditional Licensure


The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners adopted rules to create a teacher intern license which allows an individual who possesses a baccalaureate degree and who meets other requirements an opportunity to become a high school teacher.

In order to qualify for a teacher intern license an applicant must:
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale from a regionally accredited institution
  • Meet the subject matter course work requirements for one of the secondary teaching endorsements
  • Have at least three years of post-baccalaureate work experience.  
  • Successfully complete the introductory teacher intern program at a four-year college or university approved by the State Board of Education.


  • Complete the introductory pedagogy coursework that includes 50 contact hours of field experience with students.
  • Apply for the teacher intern license upon successful completion of the introductory program, which allows the person to serve as the teacher of record in a high school during a one year teaching internship.
  • Obtain support by the postsecondary institution in partnership with the employing district and/or area education agency which includes extensive supervision and participation in a state-approved mentoring and induction program.
  • Complete a teacher intern seminar during the internship year that includes an extension of coursework from the teacher intern introductory program.
  • Complete all course requirements in the teacher intern program
  • Obtain an initial teaching license.

Information taken from the Iowa BOEE website linked here.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Summer Learning Opportunities

Want to find ways to continue your child's learning this summer?  

This blog post is about connecting families to some valuable career education sites and Kirkwood’s Interactive Camps for Kids (Summer KICK Camps). 
KICK camps are exciting and educational summer camps for youth ages 8-15. KICK camps are designed around career exploration and provide fun, hands-on activities that promise to develop and build key skills for future success. No matter what career field you want to explore, KICK camps are sure to be an unforgettable adventure full of inspiring accomplishments and new friends!  
ACE is your chance to learn about careers within the wide ranging industries of Architecture, Construction and Engineering — and discover which one might be right for you.
The I Am IT website is currently sponsored by the Eastern Iowa IT Sector Board. The Eastern IT Sector Board is the gathering of IT community partners in the Kirkwood Community College Service area to help advance the IT discipline.

Please check out these sites (the active links are below the image) and resources to learn more about career options and summer learning opportunities.  Also, please share them with families of the students within your classrooms.

Links from the picture above: