Monday, October 21, 2013

Change:  the act or instance of making or becoming different or to give a completely different form or appearance to; transform.

Middle School is full of change.  As a parent of three former middle school girls, when I remember those days, I smile.  I remember our oldest daughter being in the Middle School play for the first time and loving being able to be on the big stage.  I remember our second daughter making a skirt out of duct tape with her best friend for a middle school dance and then our youngest having to adjust to her mom no longer being the counselor in the building -- but now the principal -- that's was a huge transformational change for her and our family.  

As an educator, I've been part of many changes in our school system.  I have had the pleasure of working with my former teachers as peers.  What a difference it was from being a student in Mr. Bell, Mrs. Mahood and Mr. VanEtten's classroom to being a resource and processor of student information with them.  Then that role changed again when our own children had some of those same teachers.  What a legacy they (and many others) have left to our family.

I have been able to work in our elementary, middle and high school setting, as well as have our own children attend each of our different attendance centers.  As I write this entry, as an administrator, one of the biggest instances of "making or becoming different" was when the Middle School became a 1:1 school.  This opened up the world to our students in a whole new way with "completely different form or appearance".  

Benton Community's mission statement is: "Quality Education for a Lifetime of Learning".  We also have a vision of what that looks like in the classroom with our Benton Wheel.  
Our staff has embraced the creative side  problem sovling and of being learners right along side of their students -- especially with the iPad's.  We will be showing one of these creative outputs on Tuesday, Oct. 22 to our Middle School Students.  We have been incorporating in our school system the refined definition of being a "Bobcat".  Being a "Bobcat" means we are caring, safe, responsible and respectful students and staff.  On Tuesday, a group of our students will share what this means and looks like with the entire Middle School student body by sharing this video with their peers:  PBIS at Benton

We will also be sharing a new plan of how we will be using Activity Period and Homeroom times differently.  I'll share about that plan in another blog.

Until then

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

― Mahatma Gandhi


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cute mouse,

I never thought I would say those two words together, but a student changed my mind.  Check it out and see if you think the same thing...

A few transferable skills that are evident in this completed art project are:  making connections to construct new learning in order to make decisions and problem solve, meta-cognition, meaningful and authentic project development, development of conceptual and procedural knowledge, deep understanding and mastery of stop motion video.

Great job to all the students who created stories.  This "Mouse Story" is just one of the examples.

Forever a fan of a cute mouse I will be:)