Monday, November 11, 2013

8th graders share learning with others:

Last week I received an email from one of the 8th grade staff.  His email message said 


Great job.  Thanks for sharing this with me.  You did a great job of showing your steps and it was good to hear you and Marc working together on this.

Have a good day.

Mr. Carlson

I quickly watched the link and then emailed the student asking to post on this blog his explanation to share with others.  I also asked him for a quote to help build background knowledge for his thought process when he made this Educreation video.  

Brody told me,  

"I wanted to show how I could do a problem to help others. For example, if they forgot how to do a problem then they could watch the video and get an idea on how to do a problem."

As I listen and watch I think how learning math for me would of been enriched with this tool.  I am also struck by the amount of conversation revolving around math which is happening in the background and that this young man wanted to make sure he could take those conversations outside of the math room to anywhere he and others wanted to revisit their math learning.

Another shining example of student work:)  Thanks for letting me share Brody and thank you Mr. Carlson for involving me in the learning journey.

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