Monday, January 6, 2014

Learning in the Middle School

I have the pleasure of working with some very devoted educators:)

In September of 2013, part of our MS/HS staff attended a training on RtI (Response to Intervention).  RtI is a way of thinking about how educators can ensure each student receives the time and support needed to achieve success.  In order for RtI to be effective, work must be shared among collaborative teacher teams and schoolwide teams.  Together, the entire school assumes responsibility for the learning of every student.  RtI is based on four essential guiding principles of collective responsibility, concentrated instruction, convergent assessment and access.

Based on our learning from September, our Middle School Staff has been piloting a system of RtI during second quarter of the 2013-14 school year.  Our model is based on the RtI guiding principles to ensure our students understand the essential concepts being taught in each of our classrooms.

Our goal is to see increased student achievement based on the practices of RtI being implemented within our Middle School.  Below is our December calendar of extended learning opportunities we have implemented and share with students.  We'll keep you posted on the outcomes of our pilot program.

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