Monday, January 6, 2014

Life Skills

My mom taught me many things that were reinforced at school.  One of them was sewing.  I absolutely love going into our 8th grade exploratory and seeing our students learn some of the skills that my former teachers and mother taught me in regards to sewing.  The skills students learn will help them in life -- and potentially in future career options:)

Below are a few of pictures I took of sewing happening in the MS/HS:
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When the Iowa winter weather served up a dose of "no school today" back in the 70's my mom found respite care from all of 10 of her children by sewing.  She made many outfits for my sisters and me.  Each outfit was a different color -- but all the same style.  We loved every outfit she made for us and with me being the youngest of the three oldest girls -- I got to wear those outfits for years!  

Last winter I created a respite opportunity for myself  by creating a t-shirt quilts and putting those rusty sewing skills to work.  Those of you who have or had children in school know there is an abundance of opportunities to purchase t-shirts for all types of events.  I made quilts for each of our daughters out of their own t-shirts and then I made one for my husband and I out of the t-shirts that we were fortunate enough to wear during state track meets.  I know everyday I thank my parents and former teachers for their "work" in teaching me the skills I utilize each day, whether that is at home or at school:)
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