Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Benton Community students earn 1458 college credits during the 2014-15 school year

Want to earn college credit while still a Benton Community student?  

Last school year 185 Benton Community students earned 1458 college credit hours.

Through Senior Year Plus (SYP), school districts are provided with a variety of options to enhance students’ high school experience. Enacted by the legislature in 2008, SYP was created to provide increased and more equal access to college credit and advanced placement courses. Courses delivered through SYP provide students the opportunity to take a rigorous college curriculum and receive, in many cases, both high school and college credit concurrently. Benton Community students enroll in college coursework through a variety of mechanisms including Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), courses delivered through sharing agreements between Kirkwood Community College and the Benton Community School District and enrollment in college courses independently as a tuition paying student.   Additionally, Benton Community students can enroll in high school courses that postsecondary institutions recognize for college credit or advanced standing. College credit opportunities help to bridge the gap between completing high school and starting college. 

Through joint enrollment, students are provided with the opportunity to supplement their high school curriculum with challenging college courses that would not otherwise be available. By taking these courses, students may be able to expedite their progress toward a degree and graduate from college earlier.  

Kirkwood College credit  courses offered at Benton Community span the academic areas of :  Arts & Sciences, Business & Technology, Engineering, English, World Language, Health and Auto Technology.

To find out more -- contact our Benton Community MS/HS Guidance Office.


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