Friday, September 18, 2015

"I use to think...but now I think..."

Where does my thinking come from?  I'm quite sure my husband has thought that many times over the course of our marriage.  But, being the very smart man he is, he doesn't say aloud those thoughts that might be screaming in his head.  As I reflect on how my thinking has changed over the years, I cannot pinpoint just one event, but many, that have helped shaped my thinking.

In my short, almost 52 years, I've had many opportunities for learning.  When I was in upper elementary school I was fortunate enough to be part of a small group of students who were able to benefit from project based learning with our media specialist.  I vividly remember scouring the town to map out every home and business.  One benefit of this work is we got to stop at my grandparents home each time we were able to work on our project.   One additional benefit is my Grandmother always had chocolate chip cookies (always burnt and always good:) for us.  Our end project was a movie about how our town how changed in the past one hundred years.

Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies -- not my Grandma cookies.  Which I would of taken a picture of those;)

During the early 80's as a high school student I was fortunate enough to be part of a group of students who learned with "Psychology of Winning" creator with Denis Wailtey.  This learning has had a tremendous impact on my understanding of myself and how I could use my new enlightenment to work with others in a more collaborative and effective way.  I continued to use this learning with high school student groups while I was in college and then again when I worked for a consulting group in my late twenties.
What a blast from the past finding this in one of my many boxes of STUFF!

During the early 90's I was fortunate to be a student in a training of trainers in Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".  Covey's work was the rage at that time.  I distinctly remember the 4th Habit of "Put First Things First" as resonating with me and our busy lifestyles.  Todd and I were both attending grad school, working full-time and raising our three girls during this time.  Learning how to determine the "important" and "not urgent" things to attend to was, and continues to be, an immensely valuable way of thinking to us, as life has not slowed down, even though we are empty nesters today:)
Stephen Covey website link

As I reflect on these three decades of my learning journey -- I am feeling very blessed that I have taken advantage of the learning opportunities in front of me to help me continue to say, "I use to think, but now I think..." as I learn.

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