Friday, October 9, 2015

Iowa Entertainment & "Grease" Benton Community Style

What a beautiful fall it has been here in rural Iowa.  

I captured the picture below on a recent drive within our district.   To me this picture represents some of what I love about living here -- open spaces, beautiful skies and incredibly abundant nature.

People often ask me, "What do we do for entertainment in rural Iowa?"  I often answer, "We support the UNI Panthers, Iowa State Cyclones, and the Iowa Hawks, along with a host of other great schools and entertainment venues we are fortunate to have within our state."  

But, what I think we do most often in rural Iowa is support our local schools.  Our school community is phenomenal in its backing and loyalty of and to the Benton Community Bobcats.  From athletics to fine arts -- our patrons show up, support and represent!  

Below is a picture of our crowd at a state basketball game -- look at that "sea of blue".  This was our crowd with over 8 minutes to go before the start of the game -- the arena became even "bluer" (is that even a word?) after the game started!   Thanks to Nancy McGrew for this picture!

One annual event that always draws large crowds is our Fall Musical.  This year our school is showcasing "Grease"  
If you are don't have anything to do on November 5, 6 or 7 -- consider this an invitation to be part of our Bobcat Family and experience one of the tremendous benefits of living in rural Iowa -- great kids showcasing their talents!  You can order tickets directly from this link.

And if your curiosity is taking you farther and you are wondering what it might be like to live in our community -- please contact me!   I'd love to give you a tour of our facilities, community and share with you the many benefits of living in rural Iowa.  We are blessed to have a school district that offers so many opportunities and a community that supports -- no matter the event.   
Is this it's Benton Community!


  1. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for providing a glimpse of Iowa and the Benton community a place I have yet to visit. It's great to see someone in love with their community and supporting school events, which translates to supporting our youth. Schools and community go hand in hand. It was refreshing to read your post!

  2. Love that you are celebrating all of the wonderful opportunities to experience entertainment on a smaller scale in our schools and community. These are the reasons people choose to raise a family in the rural Iowa.:)