Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sharing -- it's a mindset and a habit.

Since I wrote this initial blog post last school year -- I am in awe at the number of ways our staff are sharing with one another.  Here's just a few examples from the first trimester of the 2015-16 school year:

We are fortunate our staff utilize each other as resources and we have incredibly support from our GrantWood AEA team.  We do believe at Benton Community that sharing is a mindset and a habit and we put this into practice on a daily basis.  

Original post from 3/21/2015 below:

Being from a family of 10 children, our parents provided us with the opportunity to share almost everything, almost all the time.  (At least that is how I remember it!)

This is a picture of me during kindergarten.  I'm in an outfit made for me by our mom.  She sewed often for us and I loved those outfits made especially for me.  But, having two older sisters meant I wore an outfit just like this for 5 more years.  Mom also made the exact same outfit (a few sizes bigger)  especially for my sisters, just like she had for me.  Hand-me-downs Sharing was & is just a way of life in our family.   

Other things shared in our family:   support to one another, clothes, food, beds, cars, books, and places to sit.  We are still a family that shares -- below are some examples:
Cousins turning their human chair into a human recliner:)
My dad, helping his older brother Earl (retired administrator from Des Moines) with his hearing aid.
Sharing space and conversation.
Sharing our cookie skills with one another.
Sharing involves giving a portion of something to others.  I feel blessed that those I work with @BentonCSD are willing to share.  Today during CL/DT, Van Horne Elementary staff were sharing ideas of what they had learned at Benchmark Universe training and then how they have adapted and created materials to fit the needs of their current students.  A huge thank you to Beth Anderson & Gina Embray for being willing to share their work with their co-workers.
Learning in student friendly language
Jeopardy vocabulary game for 2nd grade.

Also at Van Horne & Elementary today the entire school participated in  .  Everyone shared positive notes to one another across the schools and even wrote notes for the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight.  It was great to be a part of this and see how excited the students were to post their notes -- even more excited than reading their own received notes.  You can find more pictures on today's happenings in Van Horne and Keystone Elementary at these twitter links:  @BentonCSD@townsleyaj@Mrs_KFisher@annaupah@SamanthaHappel

 at VH Elementary

Sharing.  It's a mindset and a habit.  
Are you sharing with the people in your life, your own family, co-workers and students?  
Make an effort to share.  Everyday.

And just in case you are wondering, do my dad and brother still share?  The answer is yes...and so does my brother with his hot air balloon!  

Dad & Earl flying above Des Moines.

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