Sunday, November 29, 2015

Something to think about

The message below is being shared (with permission) from one of our MS/HS Counselors, Natalie Nesbitt, to the staff at Benton Community.  I think in these few words she has much to offer for us to reflect upon.

I have been thinking about the upcoming holidays lately, as I am sure  a lot of you have, and I wanted to remind us all that the holidays are not always filled with lots of love, joy, and family for our students. Some of our students do not look forward to the holidays for a variety of reasons. This can result in negative behavior, whether it is acting up in class or just not turning in assignments. 

I have attached a quote that I have been repeating a lot this year. I encourage you to find a way to build a relationship with some of the students who are acting out in your class, knowing in the back of your head that they might be dealing with something outside of school that is completely out of their control.

Thanks to all of you for all that you do for our students. I would only guess that some of you are more than excited about the upcoming break, but know that what you do for our students each day does not go without notice. You all have a great opportunity to make a positive difference in each of our students lives.

Thanks again! 

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