Monday, January 25, 2016

Community Health Needs Assessment -- Benton County Iowa

I'm sharing a message I received today to help the Benton County Public Health Department.  Thanks to any and all of you from Benton County Iowa for completing this important survey.

The Benton County Public Health Department is conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) survey to better understand the health concerns and needs in Benton County Iowa. 

The information obtained from the CHNA will be used in the development of an action plan to help improve the health of Benton County residents.

The survey is anonymous and can be taken by clicking this link: by February 4, 2016

Please help share the word with others; co-workers, patients, clients, friends, family, etc. 
Thank you for your time and attention to this very important matter!  Any questions, please contact:
Melissa Smith
 Melissa Smith, RN, BSN
Director of Home Health/Public Health
Virginia Gay Hospital
502 N 9th Avenue
Vinton, IA 52349
Office: (319) 472-6360

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