Monday, February 15, 2016

K.I.C.K. Summer Camps

It's February 15 and I live in Iowa.  Recently, I think Iowa is cold, snowy and ugly.  But, I am hearing about temperatures being in the 50's by the end of this week and immediately I start thinking summer!  We've had a pretty decent winter, but most of us who live here year round start to yearn for the days of being able to go outside and stay outside without our noses running, fingers numbing and wind whipping so high we have a hard time standing still.  

Ballgames, kayaking, bike riding, swimming, mowing, gardening, and lemonade are all things that flash into my mind when I hear more than one meteorologist tell us the temps are going to be warming and the snow may be leaving us soon!  

I know, Joe Winters, of KCRG loves winter and Benton Community was very lucky this past weekend when he came to visit us at TOC, our annual show choir competition, that the weather was cold enough people could park on our campus anywhere and not get stuck due to mud.  But, my preference is warmer weather than the single digits -- preferably temperatures above my age.  A significant amount above my age:)  

If you were to ask me about 15-20 years ago what I was thinking about in February when the temperatures started to rise, my list might of been different  than what I just typed.  My thoughts might of wandered to asking my husband, "What are we going to do with our kids to fill up their time this summer since we both work?"

Thank goodness Kirkwood Community College might have some answers to this question for children age 9-15.

According to their website Kirkwood Community College has a great option for parents and children.  Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids are exciting and educational summer camps for youth ages 9-15. Each KICK camps is designed around career exploration, and providing fun, hands-on activities that promise to develop and build key skills for future success. No matter what career field a child would want to explore, KICK camps are sure to be an unforgettable adventure full of inspiring accomplishments and new friends!  

Some of the programming options are:  photography, science, math, music, crafts, computer technology, robotics, horticulture -- just to name a few.

If you are thinking you might not be able to afford this type of experience for your child -- check this out:  

Every young life deserves to be enriched by the Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids experience. Using eligibility for the federal free school lunch program as qualification, Kirkwood Community College is committing tuition assistance scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis for participation in the KICK summer program.  To apply for tuition assistance, fill out this form or call 319-398-5529 for a KICK scholarship application.

Check out this link for more information and get your sunscreen ready -- summer will be here before we know it!

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