Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's for Keystone Care Facility

My mother's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.  She refers to it as "Love Day".  She doesn't have to cook for all of us or buy presents.  What's not to love about this day!  She still has a plastic set of flowers my dad gave her over 50 years ago.  She took them with her down south this winter and loves to have people ask about them so she can share her story of dad giving her those flowers over 50 years ago.  

We were raised with the mindset of sharing -- no matter what.  I've written before about my large family with the age spread from the oldest child to the youngest child being twenty-three years.  During one meal at our dinner table, number eight child Brad told my oldest brother Jeff, "We share around here, but you've got to be fast!"  Maybe things like this have shaped my thinking?

Sharing our time and talents with others is also a focus of Bobcat Time at Benton Community MS/HS.  Emily O'Connell, one of our MS/HS teachers, helped organize Valentine's Day card making event for residents of the Keystone Care Facility.  

In planning for this event Emily stated, "I organized making Valentine's Day cards for Bobcat Time because giving back to the community is important to me, and I wanted show kids there are simple ways to be kind using talents they already obtain."

A big thank you to Emily and her students for helping make the residents at Keystone Care Facility “Love Day” a little brighter.

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