Thursday, February 18, 2016

What's on my mind this third week in February?  Wrestling.  

I think of how hard the young people and coaches competing in Des Moines this weekend have worked to get to this point, but I also think of those who worked hard and didn't get there, yet

When I think of wrestling I think of my brother Brad


and brother-in-law Bob and how Dan Gable has impacted them as wrestlers and people, as well as what others think of Iowans, not only the sport of wrestling.   Gable's quote below summarizes some of what I love about living in Iowa.


Help.  That's what we do so well in Iowa.  Help and support one another to get better today than we were yesterday.  Thanks so much for all you do to help the students in your classrooms, buildings, clubs and activities:)

Todd and I attended this event on Tuesday hosted by Emily Upah of the BCDG.  We heard one of the presenters say, "California is warm with cold people and Iowa is cold with warm people."  So true!  Thanks for opening up your warm hearts to help those whom you come in contact with on a daily basis.

TLC Plan Change
  • Based on conversations and feedback with staff and administration, we have asked the state to change our TLC plan from having Model Teachers (MT) to having Data Team Leaders as part of our #BCTLT.  Our district's focus on using data to inform instruction and instructional practices is the main driver for this change.  
  • Currently, we have 17 MT's and want increase this number to 24 to be able to serve and support grade/content level teams in a more systematic way.  Our plan is to train the staff members who will occupy these positions in the "Data Team Process" starting this summer.  This training will be organized by our GWAEA support staff and District personnel.
  • As we worked through this change process, we involved the following in determining this proposed change:
    • Conversations and surveys with current staff and administration to review if the current job description and direction of the MT position was meeting our district needs -- consensus was that is was not.
    • We contacted surrounding districts on their current practices and job description.
    • We coordinated our efforts with GWAEA to facilitate proposed changes and develop a potential training plan.
    • We shared our concerns and solutions with our Benton Teacher Leadership Team and staff.  
    • We shared our concerns and solutions with our Benton Communications Team (our district advisory committee which is made up of staff, parents, students, board and community members). 
    • We shared our concerns and solutions with our Benton Board of Directors.  
  • Here is the link to the job description that was approved by the state.  

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