Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Redefining Ready for College, Career and Life & BC Students Success

Today, I saw three separate stories on three of our @BentonCSD graduates.  I am so proud to know each of these people and even prouder knowing what an impact they are having on others within their lives.  

Here are links to those stories:

There is a movement across the US to help redefine what College, Career and Life ready means.  According to the National College and Career Readiness Standards 
  • "Our students are MORE than a SCORE.
    • Our nation’s high schools provide students with rigorous academic programs, personalized and career-specific learning experiences, along with social and emotional skills that prepare them to be global citizens in an ever-changing world.
    • Students learn in a variety of ways. They should be able to demonstrate readiness in a variety of ways. 
    • The new readiness indicators, developed from research by world-class organizations, more accurately reflect the educational landscape of the 21st century. Multiple metrics include Advanced Placement courses, Algebra II, early college credits, industry credentials, attendance, community service, among others."
The #RedefiningReady national campaign is expanding the definition of being college, career and life ready to something other than just a test score.  Their definition includes:

One of the AASA indicators of college ready is dual credit success.  Benton Community has a unique partnership with Kirkwood Community College, which offers many opportunities for our students to prepare them for college and career readiness in the Arts/Science and CTE areas.  The graphic below, containing information on our class of 2015, was recently shared with our district:

We are very proud of our students and would love to share stories of other graduates and 
how they are making an impact in our world.  Please email me story ideas:  jprusha@benton.k12.ia.us 

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