Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chab Eby Quartet & Giving back

A very special concert took place on Wednesday, October 26th in the MS/HS Auditorium!  

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Chad Eby, a Benton Community 1991 graduate, and his professional jazz quartet performed in concert at 7:00 p.m.  Chad is a Saxophone Professor and Professor of Jazz at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Chad grew up in Newhall and he is very proud of his Benton Community roots. 

Chad and his quartet are in the state of Iowa doing concerts at Drake University and Luther College, and included Benton Community as an additional stop for a concert and oh so much more!   Not only did we get to hear the Chad Eby Quartet, we were also treated to a few numbers where our First Street Jazz Ensemble, directed by Dr. Brad Williamson, accompanied Chad and Brandon Lee.

Benton Community First Street Jazz Ensemble with Chad Eby Quartet

Chad Eby Quartet -- photo courtesy of  L.J. Schneekloth

The hook for me to attend, because I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Chad as a student and his legacy, was Chad is a Benton Community graduate and he and his quartet were taking time not only to perform, but to share their talents with our students.  When people are willing to help our students -- I'm all in!

During the Quartet performance, it was incredibly gratifying to notice the typical boundaries between the performers and the audience were non-existence.  Chad worked the room the entire performance and mentioned members of the audience by name -- even making sure he was making his mom and former principal @GZittergruen and teacher's @LoisDeerberg and @dnottger proud.  Chad's remarks from the stage were frequent, supportive and funny and helped share the story of his music and the bands talents.  There was an admirable balance between the ensemble playing and solos, and each member of the quartet had opportunity to shine and share with all of us their talents. 

Chad Eby Website
I've shared before how proud I am of being a Benton Community alumni.  Last night was another shining example of what Benton Community is all about - planting seeds to trees we may never sit under.  Last night our community was blessed to sit and enjoy the produce that Chad Eby and his quartet have grown.  

Chad, thank you for being willing to inspire our current students to make the most of the incredibly opportunities to come.  Also, please be sure to thank the members of your quartet for making an investment in our community and more importantly our students.

Dr. Williamson -- thank you for believing in the power of your leadership and students to rock this one out of the park!

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