Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Seesaw at BC

Benton Community teachers are finding ways to increase communication between home and school.  One great way to do this and have students involved in the process is utilizing a tool entitled SeeSaw.

This site allows teachers to organize and personalize parent communication and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills. Seesaw also allows students to independently document their learning and share it with those their own personalized audience.  It also helps foster communication at home and allows families to have a glimpse of what students learned during the day, so conversations at home can focus around "learning not doing" in school. 

We (Todd and myself) now know we were asking the wrong question around our supper table when our three girls lived at home.  We know now we may of gotten deeper conversations if we'd been asking:

"What did you learn today?" vs. "What did you do today?
Seesaw would of allowed us a cliff note into their days to build conversations around.

We live by the Maya Angelou mantra in our house, "Know better do better".  This type of questioning is something we are doing much better with our grandchildren than we did with our own children.

Jodie Kimm, a Kindergarten teacher at Keystone Elementary, shared with me how she is using this tool in her classroom.  She learned about this option while she attended iPadU 2016.  She has created a site where students can post information and share their learning with their families in real time.

I sincerely appreciate Jodie taking the time out of her day to share how she is using this site to maximize communication with her students and families.  My great nephew is in Jodie's class -- so now when I see him I get a chance to personalize my questions to him based on what he has shared on SeeSaw.  It's awesome to be able to have this type of discussion focusing on "learning" in a Kindergarten classroom.

If you are interested in learning more -- these three links are from our GWAEA Digital Learning Team  and Mindy Carney @TeamCairney  sharing more SeeSaw resources.  Our Grant Wood Digital Learning team is a vital connection for us to continue to learn with and from.  

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