Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sharing thanks...

Thanksgiving.  What a special time for each of us to reflect on all the blessings bestowed upon us.


  • a daughter of 2 truly amazing parents
  • a sister of 10 "I love to spend time with them" siblings
  • a niece of 8 tremendous role-models
  • a wife of the best man around
  • a sister-in-law to 11 crazy out-laws
  • a mother of 3 beautiful (inside and out) women
  • a mother-in-law of 2 very special additions to our family
  • an aunt of 28 fantastic nieces and nephews
  • a great aunt of 15 (3 more on the way in 2017)
  • a grandmother of 5 beautiful human beings
makes me so thankful.  

Bridgewater Family Fun 2016

Prusha Family Summer 2016
One way we keep in touch as a family is with technology.  We've create google docs to help figure out who is bring what food items to our family gatherings.  We email and text each other to ask for help and provide support/information.  We also frequently FaceTime.  When our parents go south for the winter, FaceTime provides a connection to the winter they are experiencing vs. what we are enjoying in Iowa.  Teaching our parents how to FaceTime was a similar experience to the video linked below.  Even though these are not my parents in this video, I'm thankful video's like these are out there to make us laugh. 
Click here to view this video
Last night as we FaceTimed with our grandchildren, they shared how they have been using the Osmo to create extraordinary images.  Below is a link to one of their impressive pieces of art they shared with us:
Click here to view the video of their creation
After making the list above and thinking about other blessings in my life, I am also incredibly blessed to to serve the staff and families of @BentonCSD.  I have the opportunity to work with people who believe in giving their best everyday to the students and the community they have the pleasure of working with and for.   
Veteran's Day Celebration 2016
For all who make our world a better place today and tomorrow, I am forever grateful. 

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