Monday, December 19, 2016

Read everyday

I have always been a reader.  My grandmother made great burnt chocolate chip cookies and told us to learn something new everyday.  Much of my learning has come from reading, while enjoying chocolate chip cookies.

In the house I grew up in, my favorite to place to read was in our bay window that faced the south and was covered by a heavy full curtain.  This curtain served two purposes:  keeping out the cold and if you were on the bay side of the window, helped dim some of the noise from the other side of the curtain in a house full of nine other children.

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Just last week I was sharing with some of my peers the title of a book my mom gave me for 1st Communion.  At the time I was not quite sure why she chose this book, but at 53 I'm finally figuring it out!  (I'm still a work in progress:)

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As the holiday break is approaching --one thing we hope is on everyone's list of things to do is finding time for reading.  I've asked Patrice, our local librarian, to order some books I heard about on IPR for me to read over break.  

Atkins Elementary is doing a marshmallow challenge to encourage reading.

Why is it so important to read everyday?  Andrea Townsley, one of our Teacher Leaders here at BC, shared this graphic on one of her blog entries to highlight the importance of if we want to be better readers, we need to read.

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So what will you do over the holiday break.  We hope you take at least 20 minutes everyday to read.  Everyday!  And, if you want to make it even more enjoyable, find some chocolate chip cookies and a bay window!

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