Monday, January 30, 2017

New Opportunities in 2017-18 for Benton Community HS students

Benton Community Parents,

Please read below for an email shared with me regarding new "Web Live" courses that will be taught in Benton County Schools during the 2017-2018 school year.  The information as outlined below was shared with all students via email last week.  If you are interested in having your child take one of these courses, then make sure they have registered for the course via Power School. 

We do often receive questions about eligibility for college courses.  Students do have the option to take college credit while in high school.  It is up to the college that a student ultimately attends as to how that credit will transfer.  Students cannot be enrolled as full-time college students while they are in high school.  Full time attendance is designated as 24.0 credit hours per year.  Students will receive both high school and college grades for these courses, and high school and college credit.  As noted in our course book:

Students who qualify must be prepared to meet a different and higher expectation. For example, Kirkwood Community College policies apply to these courses, along with Benton Community building policies. The KCC policies for grading, attendance and late work are more demanding than for a typical high school course. 
Contact Aaron Cretin at with any questions.  Thanks!

Dear Students and Parents:

We have an exciting new opportunity to promote for college credit! We are offering four new classes via Weblive – an internet format using conferencing software with scheduled meeting times. Students will not have to leave their school for this opportunity. The classes offered are Career Decision Making and Introduction to Criminal Justice in the fall and How College Works and Elements of Writing in the spring (class descriptions listed below). Students do not have to take all four courses, but can pick and choose what works for them. These courses will be offered to the other Benton County schools as well and will give students a chance to interact with other students from other school districts. These classes are specifically designed to work with Benton Community’s bell schedule as well. The times and courses are listed below:

Career Decision Making
Intro to Crim Justice
First Period:8:00-8:55
Elements of Writing
How College Works

Please contact the counseling office or myself directly if you have any questions regarding these course offerings.

Thank you,

Kasey Keeling
Director, Benton County
Kirkwood Community College

SDV-170 Career Decision Making (3)
Provides an understanding of the career development process, and assists students in making satisfactory career choices. Includes self-assessment, career information research, decision making and job search strategies. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

CRJ-100 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
Provides an overview of the American criminal justice system and examines the process of justice administration through the agencies of law enforcement, courts and corrections. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

SDV-105 How College Works (3)
Explores individual strengths, strategies for solidifying personal responsibility, college readiness/academic success strategies, career readiness/vocational goals for students as they identify a college program or major. Emphasizes differences between high school and college expectations. Identifies appropriate career areas. Offers aids in taking and using placement tests for college admission and personal financial management. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

ENG-101 Elements of Writing (3)
Develops students' fluency in communication and clarity in thinking through writers' notebooks, expository writing, analytical reading and listening. Students use structured assignments to explore personal goals and values, exercising skills needed for reasoning and writing across the curriculum. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Prereq: Qualifying placement score; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A *NOTE: Course is taken as a pre-req for Composition I and is for students who don’t test directly into Composition I.

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