Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Incredible Team of People

I am so incredibly blessed.  

I have the opportunity everyday to serve some of the most dedicated and forward thinking people I have encountered in my professional life.

Photo submitted by Stacy Behmer
This is group of BC staff who attended the Iowa EdCamp this past Saturday.   The day was spent learning from other passionate educators in Iowa who are making a difference in their classrooms to meet the needs of their students.  

As we move into planning for our fourth year of teacher leadership here at #BentonCSD, we are in the midst of having people share their reflections on their roles within our District.  We also ask our entire staff give feedback to our system about the people in the teacher leadership roles within the District.  

Below is a smattering of comments that exemplify the thoughts that have been shared:

  • I could not be more pleased with the way our data team is running this year.  The structure and specific focus has been a tremendous help.  This process allows leaders to emerge within the team by providing a role w/in our CL/DT.

  • Our DT Leader brings together the team (of very different personalities and styles) beautifully. She supports and leads the teachers.

  • Our DT Leader does a great job of using data to drive decisions based on data received from teachers.

  • Our team has experienced similar ups and downs throughout the year but I agree that as a staff, we are much better at analyzing and actually using our data to drive instruction and interventions.

  • Our DT Leader allows for new decisions to be made based on all our voices, along with data.

  • I am grateful to be part of this crucial work. I realize more than ever how important data is. Data enables an early warning system that helps us determine when students are falling off track in order to help them before it’s too late. It also allows us to identify what is working well for students. I will be the first  person to admit I have a lot to learn about this process, but I am excited to continue this work to provide the most meaningful learning experience for ALL students.

  • Our DT Leaders used data to drive and guide the decisions they make in their classroom.

  • Our DT Leader always looks for the bright side of a situation. She is willing to step outside of her comfort zone to try new things and share those things with staff whether it worked or not.

  • Our DT Leader has served our grade team effectively. He takes his role seriously!

  • She should definitely continue to be our data team leader!

  • Our DT Leader appreciates the perspective of all and models how to see other points of view.

  • I have taken a chance and have failed. But I have LEARNED so much because of doing both of these! This position has really connected the dots for me in regards to education. It's messy, it's not always clear, but when students are the center it makes wading through all the mud and crud worth it.

As we continue in this journey and have moments of learning, success and at times failure.  We use the following words & visuals as a driving force for continuing to meet the needs of our system and ultimately our students:

FAILURE - First Attempt In Learning Using Real Experiences


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