Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Choosing which college experience is right

I have vivid memories of watching and hearing my dad cut my two older brothers hair in the youth chair in the kitchen as we were growing up.  Some of those sounds were coming from the hair clipper and some were coming from the person in the chair.

When I got into junior high, I thought I had learned so much from watching my dad cut hair I started cutting my brothers hair in the upstairs bathroom.  I have 4 younger brothers and they were very willing customers at that time, especially if I promised to bake them some type of cookie.

I think this behavior led my parents to believe that I was going to be a cosmetologist.  But, as I started to think about life after high school, a career in cosmetology was not in my mind.  I liked cutting hair, but I didn't think it fit with my dream of being a PE teacher.   I chose to attend the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) because I wanted to be a teacher and I had heard from my teachers UNI was the best college in Iowa for learning how to become a teacher.

Times have changed since I graduated high school and so has the opportunity to learn about colleges and career options after high school.  The Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) along with it's partners, has an event planned for Sept. 24, 2017 where families and students can learn about colleges and careers to help make decisions that fit.  The Golden Circle College and Career Fair encourages students of any age to come and explore the career and college options to help make informed decisions about future possibilities.  Please find some time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more from ICAN.

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