Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Each and Every Child May 2017

The Iowa Department of Education is a fantastic supporter of all things education within our great state of Iowa.

One way they support is by sharing stories of success that are happening within our Iowa schools.  The Each and Every Child Newsletter is an example of the way the Iowa Department of Education supports and spreads the work of educators from across the state. It is written by our good friend, Jim Flansburg and the photography is from a talent know as Deborah Darge, a former student of East High when my Uncle Earl Bridgwater was the Principal.  (Life is full of connections:)

The May 2017 edition of Each and Every Child is timely in giving us tips to help make sure our students are continuing to progress, even when during the summer.  There are numerous ways we can ensure our students have ample opportunities to read during the summer.

Our local libraries have summer reading programs.  Here are the links I could find for each of our local libraries -- check out their summer reading programs and read the May 2017 edition of Each and Every Child for more ideas for ways to infuse reading into the lives of our children during the summer:


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