Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Making informed decisions based on solid data

One thing I know for sure -- teachers search high and low to find ways to meet the needs of their students.  The teachers I have the pleasure of serving at Benton Community are passionate, compassionate and committed to making sure students learn.

Students collecting data
But, if I ask you to remember your most favorite teacher growing up, I'm not quite sure you would  have a clue as to how much time they spent trying to find ways to make sure you understood the learning objectives.  You might describe how they made you feel as you learned the subject matter.

Students learning how to filet a fish
You might remember the sense of discovery or excitement you felt from the experiences with that teacher.  You might be able to describe the culture of their classroom and whether the classroom was a safe place to take chances and make mistakes and the sense of confidence you gained from them as they guided you in your learning journey.

Students sharing how they raised money for Veterans

As they create those learning spaces each school year, they also create instructional lessons to ensure that each and every student has their needs met.  As teachers are taking time this summer to reflect on their past school year and refine their instructional practices to meet the needs of the students who will be crossing the threshold of their classrooms within the next school year, I hope one place they check out is the Iowa Reading Research Center.

Teachers know it is imperative to find ways to impact the learning of their students and the @IAReading shares with us how to select instructional practices based on solid data/evidence in their most recent blog post.